Home and Community Care for Seniors

Cockburn Community Care services

Cockburn Community Care provides a range of services provided at home, in the community and at the Jean Willis Centre in Hamilton Hill for seniors who reside in Cockburn.

Home support services for seniors

Cockburn Community Care provides the following support services for seniors.

  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Paying bills
  • Respite for carers and family
  • Social support to engage in the community
  • Assistance with personal care, medication prompts, transport and basic home and garden maintenance.

Funding for Cockburn Community Care services

The aforementioned services can be funded by the following sources.

  • Home Care Packages
  • Home and Community Care (HACC)

Cockburn Community Care services may also be self-funded.

Please note: a number of agencies may also provide these services or similar. If Cockburn Community Care is your preferred service provider, please advise the assessor during the referral process.

Cockburn Community Care fees

Fees are set by the government and vary across the Cockburn Community Care programs.

Social clubs

Cockburn Community Care runs a number of social clubs from its premises at the Jean Willis Centre in Hamilton Hill, and can provide transport if required. 
The centre organises activities and outings tailored for seniors, people with cognitive disabilities and people with dementia.

The clubs are different every day and cater for different groups with different needs and interests to help people get out and about, maintain friendships, stay healthy and maintain their skills.

Kwobarup Social Club

The Kwobarup social club caters specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander seniors. The club includes transport and meals and provides a chance for people to get out of the house, make and maintain friendships, pursue their hobbies, get some exercise and get out into their community.

Contact the Social Club Coordinator or the Cockburn Community Care Manager for more information regarding the Kwobarup social club.

Home Care Packages (HCP)

Home Care Packages (HCP) are provided to seniors who have a functional impairment or disability. These services are typically more extensive than those offered by the Home and Community Care (HACC) program and are provided on a consumer directed care basis.

The client contributes to a pool of money provided by the government, the size which is determined by need with four levels of packages funded. The service provider (e.g. Cockburn Community Care) then manages the pool of money to provide support services. Clients negotiate the package of services to be provided and have control over how the pool of money is used each month.

Referrals for Home Care Packages are generally made by General Practitioners or hospital social workers, though Cockburn Community Care can provide advice and support for referrals.

Home and Community Care (HACC)

Home and Community Care (HACC) helps fund services that meet the basic needs of seniors over 65 years of age who have a functional impairment or disability.
For more information, visit the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) website, phone 1300 785 415 or ask your General Practitioner for advice.

More information and contact

For more information on the care programs available to seniors, email communitycare@cockburn.wa.gov.au or phone 08 9411 3780 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

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