Roe 8

Replanting the Roe 8 Reserve

The program of works to rehabilitate the former Roe 8 site is underway, according to Main Roads WA.

From 22 May 2017, the Roe 8 Alliance will clear the Roe 8 site of any contaminants and take measures to prevent the spread of weeds and dieback. The mulch piles will be collected and removed to a temporary holding site near Kwinana Freeway.

The work is being overseen by the working group chaired by the Member of Parliament for Bicton, Ms Lisa O'Malley MLA. It forms the first stage of a community-led rehabilitation program, which will revegetate the site.

While this program of activity is ongoing, it is necessary for fencing to remain in place to limit any damage to the site and the regrowth of native bush. In the next three months, the temporary fencing will be replaced by permanent, conservation fencing.

The Roe 8 Alliance was formed by the Liberal State Government and its membership comprises the Commissioner of Main Roads, CPB Contractors Pty Ltd, Georgiou Group Pty Ltd, P.M.R Quarries Pty Ltd, GHD Pty Ltd, AECOM Australia Pty Ltd and BG&E Pty Limited.

Its role was to allow Main Roads to deliver the Roe 8 Project, being an extension of Roe Highway from Kwinana Freeway to just west of Coolbellup Avenue.
Following the WA Labor victory at the March 2017 State Election, the new State Government renegotiated the Roe 8 contract. The Alliance has now been reassigned to work on three alternative road upgrades but will also collaboratively manage rehabilitation of the cleared Roe 8 site in Coolbellup.
The program will be informed by a working group, which comprises representatives from the State Government and the City of Cockburn, the local community and the Alliance.

For more information, visit Main Roads WA or Rehabilitating Roe 8.

The area that has been cleared is still a Main Roads WA road Reserve and requires various approvals to gain access to the site. The City recommends against accessing the site, which may still pose a danger due to the potential presence of asbestos, the risk of spreading die-back and trampling the new shoots which have started appearing.  

Read the WA Department of Health Asbestos  - In and Around Your Home: What is the risk for asbestos disease?

While there is an eagerness in the community to start a replanting program, the City believes the establishment of a community-lead working group in consultation with the State Government will provide a starting point to produce an overall management plan for the site’s rehabilitation. Consultation with Nyungar Elders and Aboriginal people will be an essential element to any proposed works.

Alternative to Roe 8

The City supports an alternative proposal. At the heart of this is the construction of an intermodal facility (which can move freight from rail to road and vice versa) at Latitude 32 in the Hope Valley/Wattleup area. This alternative considers the volumes of containers moving to and from the southern metropolitan region, and supports the existing intermodal facility at Forrestfield.

The City supports the proposal for an Outer Harbour at Kwinana, with the necessary planning to commence as soon as practicable. This is not a new concept. The State Government has included plans for an intermodal facility as part of its long term planning strategy.

The facility will:                                                     

  • Move freight containers between road and rail
  • Use an existing railway line to move containers to and from Fremantle Port
  • Link to existing major roads such as Rowley Road to the intermodal facility at Forrestfield. These existing roads will require minimal upgrades
  • Allow the State Government to use its existing resources (including roads) without impacting on local government roads and communities
  • Represent a long term investment in Perth's freight network
  • Address traffic congestion
  • Have minimal environmental impact
  • Protect our communities

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