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Traffic congestion number one issue in Cockburn

Our annual survey of the community clearly tells us that traffic is the number one priority for Cockburn residents. Satisfaction with congestion has continued to decline over recent years.

What is the City doing about this? 

The City has a plan of its own roadworks in the City, see Regional and Major Roadworks 2016-2030 map below. The City also advocates with Main Roads WA for necessary upgrades to their roads.

Cockburn Central Traffic 

Armadale Road and North Lake Road Bridge

With traffic in Cockburn Central being a major issue the City of Cockburn ran three extensive campaigns to ensure that Federal and State governments understood that it was a major issues in Cockburn.  The campaign requested two solutions:
  • The duplication of Armadale Road between the cities of Armadale and Cockburn
  • The building of a bridge (Armadale Road Bridge) across the freeway linking North Lake Road with Armadale road to reduce the traffic passing through Cockburn Central. The City of Cockburn has committed funds to providing supporting road infrastructure.

For details of timings of these projects visit the Main Roads WA projects pages at the links below:

Knock Place parking issues

The Public Transport Authority (State Government) provides most of the all-day car parking off Knock Place, Jandakot. The car park on the east side of the Kwinana Freeway for the Cockburn Central Train Station can accommodate 880 vehicles.

The State Government increased the number of parking bays from 410 to 880 in 2012 with a view to improving parking but without any corresponding suitable improvement to the adjacent road network which has ultimately led to an increase in traffic congestion. The City requested better traffic management solutions to be in place before the car park opened. This advice was not followed by the Western Australian Planning Commission that approved the additional bays.

The only vehicle access to Knock Place is via Solomon Road at an intersection which is only 40 meters away from the busy Armadale Road/Solomon Road intersection. A common complaint about the delays being experienced by commuters is that the 18 minute rail journey from Perth to Cockburn Central is quicker than the time it takes to exit the car park.

To make it easier to exit Knock Place onto Solomon Road, the City widened Knock Place to allow left and right turning vehicles to sit side-by-side at the intersection. This should help reduce the delays for some commuters exiting the train station in the afternoon peak hour traffic period.  Planning for the bridge is underway and it is envisaged that there will be additional exits out of station car park, which will also greatly assist with this problem.

Cockburn Central Town Centre - access and parking

Town Centre Access

The primary access point into the Town Centre along Midgegooroo Avenue is Signal Terrace, which you can turn into from all directions (left or right). All other existing roads into the Town Centre, and future roads into Cockburn Central West (the site of the new Recreation and Aquatic Facility and Fremantle Football Club training ground), will operate as left-in/left-out only because of their proximity to traffic lights at either end of this road.

In the future, traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Midgegooroo and Signal Terrace to manage vehicle traffic and provide a safe crossing point for the high pedestrian traffic flow that is anticipated between the Town Centre and the Cockburn Central West precinct, once there is development on that site. 

Street Parking

On-street parking in the Cockburn Central Town Centre is typically limited to a maximum of two hours during weekdays to meet the short-term needs of customers and visitors. This demand is growing as the population grows.

Long-term on-street parking is not provided because the Town Centre has been planned as a high density town centre, serviced by public transport.  It is not practical for the City to provide long-term parking in the Town Centre because of the scarcity and cost of suitable land. Encouraging more traffic into the Town Centre would only serve to worsen the traffic congestion experienced on the surrounding arterial roads.

Outer Harbour in Kwinana

The City of Cockburn is also a strong advocate of the Outer Harbour in Kwinana, another significant step towards planning for the efficient and effective movement of freight into the future, reducing traffic congestion and increasing employment and training opportunities in the south metropolitan region.  

Update - Parking in Lanes

It is undesirable for vehicles to be parked in lanes because of the difficulties that it creates for the City's general waste and recycling trucks to empty bins, and the access problems it creates for residents wanting to get into or out of their garages. To maintain the access function of lanes the City is progressively installing No Parking restrictions to all lanes, starting with the most problematic ones.

This means that whilst it will be acceptable for motorists to stop their vehicle for 2 minutes to set down or collect passengers or goods, any longer term parking will not be permitted at any time.

If it is desired for a vehicle and/or materials to occupy a lane for longer than this because of construction activity or some other reason than prior approval must be sought from the City's Rangers on 08 9411 3444 or via email at  

More information and contact

Please contact Engineering Services for more information on roadworks, closures and diversions on 08 9411 3444 or at

Visit Major Transport Projects for more information on current and future road projects.
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