Planning Application

When do I need a planning application?

You will need to lodge a planning application with the City for any type of development that is not permitted outright by the Town Planning Scheme

Applications are required so that Council may assess your plans and information, inspect your property and determine whether your proposal:

  • Complies with the relevant provisions of the Town Planning Scheme
  • Is an appropriate use on the property according to its zoning
  • Has no detrimental visual impact upon a locality
  • Has no adverse impact upon occupants of adjacent properties.

How can I submit a planning application?

From March 2017, all planning applications must be lodged online. Planning online is a staged process that talks you through the steps to take and includes all the necessary forms you need to complete, in order to successfully lodge a planning application. 

Pre-application planning meetings

The City has a service for Pre-Application Meetings. You will need to make an appointment with Statutory Planning who will arrange to have a Building Surveyor, Engineer and Health Officer available should you require their services for your proposal. A fee will be charged accordingly.

Planning application process and timeframe

To lodge a planning application, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Register your planning application online
  2. Complete an application form for development approval
  3. Complete  the indemnity form and checklist
  4. Provide a copy of your certificate of title
  5. Complete a credit card authorisation and pay the requisite fee.

You application will be processed within six to eight weeks depending on advertising and referrals.

  • Application for Development Approval
  • Planning Application Checklist
  • Consent Indemnity Form
  • Fees and Charges
  • Credit Card Authorisation Form

More information and contact

Please contact the City’s Statutory Planning Services for more information on planning applications on 08 9411 3444 or at

  • Planning online
  • Fees
  • Building permit application
  • Guidance and factsheets
  • Building and planning advice
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